Keep calm and Collaborate

Looking for ideas on what to commission for your business, church, or home? Need proof that JJJaspersen Studios is the right fit for your project? Or maybe you just want to see some great art. Below you will find categorized examples of a few of JJJaspersen Studios' favorite commissioned works.


Monuments & Sculptures

Having completed several public monuments for the city of new ulm alone, Jason Jaspersen is no stranger to large-scale sculpture. Working in everything from bronze to stone and everything inbetween, a JJJaspersen Studios monument stands the test of time and brings uniquely inspiring energy to your space. Indoors or outdoors, big or small, animal, human, or something abstract, you won't be disappointed. Browse the carousel to see examples of Jason's public monuments, or check out the sculpture section of the portfolio page for more stunning sculptures.

Liturgical Arts

"Fresh Perspective, Timeless Truth", the JJJaspersen Studios mantra, truly shows itself in this collection of liturgical art samples. Our worship is enhanced and uplifted through the arts. Whether your worship space is beautified by a traditional triptych for contemplation and reflection, or by a uniquely refreshing bust of our Savior, an aesthetic boost can breathe new life into your services. Trying to decide if you should get some new art in your church? Or maybe you're not sure how to go about it - don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out this link for information on commissioning liturgical art.


Everybody loves movies. They're accessible, attention-grabbing, and beautiful to look at. What if you could take something meaningful to you - your music, your sermon, your classroom lecture - and create a unique and aesthetically pleasing video? JJJaspersen Studios has extensive experience in many different motion-based art forms, such as stop motion animation, timelapse videos, and even sand animation. Need more info? Check out Jason's motion portfolio hereYou can also see more examples of Jason's videos on his Youtube channel, found here.

Illustration & Design

Good design tells a story. It stops people and makes them wonder. Good design is a conversation. If you have anything that you're trying to communicate or show to people, JJJaspersen Studios wants to help you do it effectively. Well designed illustrations can enrich bulletins, posters, t-shirts, academic papers, signs, books - the list is never ending. JJJaspersen studios has done hundreds of designs and illustrations for a multitude of clients. Look at the illustration portfolio for even more examples.


No form of artistic expression is quite as timeless as a painting. Paintings are well suited for the home, office, or even your place of worship. They can serve as a commemorative gift for friends or family, illustrate a meaningful message, or simply bring new life to an important space. Whether you enjoy classic styles or fresh perspectives, JJJaspersen Studios will bring your ideas to life. For more examples of Jason's painting, see the painting section of his portfolio. Life is a great big canvas - throw all the paint you can at it.