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Public Sculpture

With 25 public sculptures at institutions ranging from Minneapolis to Texas, Jason Jaspersen is no stranger to committees, schedules, and contractors.  From the harsh winters of Minnesota, bronze, cast stone, and sculpted concrete sculptures are made to last.  Costs vary by material, complexity and size.  More at the Sculpture page.

Liturgical Art

Jason Jaspersen is determined to use his time of grace wisely.   He is committed producing Biblical visual testimonies that speak both to this generation and for this generation.  Civilizations are known by what they leave behind.  Jason hopes to make strong Christian imagery with lasting power that communicates God's love clearly.  This is why we say "Fresh Perspective, Timeless Truth". 

If you represent a Christian institution and want to learn more about commissioning artwork, Jason has some helpful suggestions.  Check out this link for information on commissioning liturgical art.


Engage your audience with a dose of authenticity in motion.  Jason produces video content grounded in hands-on craftsmanship.  Need more info? Check out Jason's motion portfolio hereYou can also see more examples of Jason's videos on his Youtube channel, found here.


Illustrations amplify a concept.  Use them to broaden minds, deepen souls, and excited the senses.  Illustration works in a variety of formats such as bulletins, posters, t-shirts, academic papers, banners, book covers, editorial images. Jason has done hundreds of designs and illustrations for a multitude of clients. Look at the illustration portfolio for more examples.