My easel surprised me today.  I've had a long day of organizing tasks, scheduling, communication, and miscellaneous office work.  It's all very necessary, but frustrating when I have so many deadlines coming up. I really need to be producing work.  Even on summer schedule it feels like there just isn't enough time!

Then this happened.  At the end of the day I decided to set up some boards for future work.  Staging.  Then I figured I could squeeze in the rough drawing, seal the wood and let it dry overnight.  So I started to draw.  I just dragged the conte' crayon across the surface.  And then again. And another long swoop...

No reference photos, little preliminary work (see thumbnail drawing below), and not planning on doing this today.  I've never produced anything that looks like this.  Romanesque cloisonne icon? It was really fun to make.  And easy.

It's taken me a long time to be okay with easy.  Maybe years of experience have made drawing more natural for me, maybe I don't feel such a pressing urge to prove myself anymore, maybe I'm just weary.  Easy was good for today.

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