Wayne Fischer portrait finished

Final photos of the Wayne Fischer formal portrait.  Anyone else need a portrait painted?  IMG_20140907_154434_047 IMG_20140907_154409_038





This portrait will join masterful portraits of past MVL Principals by retired New Ulm artist, William Tacke.  See his paintings of Principals Jerry Birkholz and John Schultz below.  I must admit his paintings are far more masterful than mine.  Awesome sense of color, light and form.  IMG_20140827_152147_325IMG_20140827_152128_957

Get to know William Tacke's virtuosity as a painter in this video tour narrated by his wife, Mae.

William has retired from the easel so it's a rare treat to see his work.  In his retirement, he has graciously been a model for several of my projects.  I've featured Bill as a model in the following artworks:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tacke OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Simeon