The studio is in sculpture mode!  I've been getting out the turntables and making armatures.

While working on this Wanda Gag concept model I'm reminded of the 80/20 principle.  80% of the work gets done in 20% of the time...but then there's that remaining 20% of the work that takes 80% of your time.  In this case it's the seemingly endless refinements required.  The sculpture as shown here still needs some finishing, but it's time to go to bed...

 I find that manipulating the major masses, while a relatively short process, is a time of intensive decision-making.  Nobody knows exactly what will happen and that has a way of pulling me in.  Proportions and posture require a fully engaged brain.  Once all that is safely established, and I'm bringing it through stages of refinement, my thinking gradually relaxes.  80/20 again?


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