My proposal for the Wanda Gag bronze sculpture is in the final 3 out of 16 submissions statewide.  I've been asked to make some revisions.  Here is my revised proposal.  Click here for my past work on this Wanda Gag sculpture proposal.  Some explanatory text below...Revised-Wanda-compositeweb  

Through my previous drawn and sculpted iterations for this monument I have maintained a vision of Wanda that emphasizes her focus and inquiry.  By way of her body language, informal attire, and inquisitive facial expression I have tried to communicate a lively, active personality.

This newest revision continues to aim at conveying Wanda’s personality as well as her likeness.  A natural boulder serves as a sturdy base with an informality to match Wanda’s bare feet and practical posture.  The sculpture would be positioned on the boulder in such a way as to allow space for someone to sit alone for quiet contemplation or take a memorable photo with friends.

A plaque could be attached directly to the boulder as shown in the drawing.  The same information could also be sandblasted into the boulder for a bold effect.

Once again, Wanda is shown drawing.  This time Wanda is in a more open posture.  I believe it is important to show her creating.  In this way, Wanda sets an example by taking action and making a contribution.

I also return to a cat as the object of her focus.  This is an obvious allusion to her most famous work and has a surface level “cute-factor”.  It can also broadly represent an artist’s investigation of the natural world.  The cat would also likely become a photo opportunity.  Before long people would find the lines of sight which include both Wanda and the cat.

In this version the cat is perched on the sloped wall across the sidewalk from Wanda and her boulder.  With the installation of both pieces the space between them would become active with Wanda’s concentration.  Visitors using the front doors would pass through Wanda’s “studio”.