I've been doing more work on this Wanda Gag bronze sculpture proposal.  Here you see my drawings superimposed on photos to better explain the overall concept.  I'm interested in the way Wanda's line of vision would energize the whole space between her and the cats.  The combination of the parts would make a bit of a story that one could walk through.                                              It's been a pleasure to work with a committee of engaged citizens to discuss the dreams and practicalities of making this sculpture a reality.  Many of my decisions on this project have been made in light of the collective wisdom of this group.

It seems we've come to a consensus on Wanda's pose (as seen here).  It's strongly based on a photo of her at work on a lithography stone.  Her body language communicates her preoccupation with her work.  She is focused.  The cat poses shown here are subject to change.
We have also been thinking about viewer sight lines.  The positioning and posture of this proposal offers good views for those entering the building, those passing by, and those looking out the window.  Wanda sits on an extended bench which would accommodate people who want to pose for photo opportunities.  The cats also invite viewer interaction.
I did not include the base of the desk in these drawings because I wanted to focus on her posture.  I'm thinking about combining different materials: bronze figure and cats, cast stone bench and desk.  That will take some more exploration.

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