VOTE for MY Mike's Hard Lemonade design!


I got an email invitation to participate in a design competition from Mike's Hard Lemonade.  This isn't my usual scene, but I thought it was an exciting prospect!  So I went to work on a can design for the "Mike's Harder" line of drinks.

There are over 600 other entries for this competition and part of the selection process is a public vote!  Please help out by voting for my design at this link:  Designs that start out with a lot of votes will likely gain momentum as voting continues!  Voting is open June 31-August 31.

The assignment was to provide a totally original graphic for their new flavor, "Tiger's Blood".  They market towards 21- to 29-year-old guys and emphasize a goofy, vintage, fun aesthetic.  I brought my ink style with some digital twists and tried to tell an interesting story.   It reads a bit like the adventurous cover of a comic book.

My design takes place under water.  Lovely women dive for treasures of strawberry and watermelon (flavors in the drink), but a ferocious tiger guards the flavor treasure.  Don't worry about the girls, they're the reason the drink is called "Tiger's Blood".  The women are based on Japanese " ama" pearl divers.

I would appreciate your vote and please share this like crazy!

See the can design below as well as early some process images and an unused concept.


jjjTigers blood2jjjTigersbloodwraparoundwebdraft1webIMG_20150608_211755292IMG_20150608_213530233IMG_20150608_220544071IMG_20150608_204311564IMG_20150608_204351054tiger003 tiger004  tiger001IMG_20150606_233723354IMG_20150609_171834392