Visual Minutes

  The MVL association delegates, board of directors, and other concerned individuals engaged in an open discussion on Feb. 17 regarding the termination of Ron Wels' divine call.  While many questions remain unanswered, the involvement of so many in the governance of the school is an energizing thought.
 It was passionate democracy in action.  Kudos to Pastor Matt Rauh, acting chairman of the board, for running the potentially vitriolic meeting in an even-handed way.  He immediately acknowledged the presence of so many visitors and set out the rules of engagement at the outset.  A lesser man would have allowed the crowd to become a lynch mob, or impatiently barked them down into submission.
  The assembly exercised its right to overturn the board's recent action.  A difficult time was had by all.

The image here shows my "visual minutes" of the proceedings.  These are faces I saw and words I heard as I sat in the crowd.  Strictly unofficial.  Strictly nonconfidential.

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