Unused sculpture

 This 12" figure was commissioned for the University of St. Thomas about a year ago.  It's based on an existing life-sized bronze figure of the great Arch Deacon of the city of St. Paul, MN, John Ireland.  I was provided with good reference photos and measurements of the sculpture, corresponded with committee members and made small changes at their request, and brought the piece to a decent degree of finish.  When it came time to make a mold and cast multiples for fundraising the whole project came to a standstill.  It turns out the life-size sculpture was made in the 1980's.  The sculptor has since died, but when his widow heard about the project she took the committee to task.  The original image is naturally copyrighted to the original sculptor. I'm not sure if it ended up in court or not, but I learned a valuable lesson.  Thankfully, I was paid for the time I spent on it.  I've been told to preserve the piece in case it can move forward someday.

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