Triptych sketches

I've been talking with someone from a congregation about doing a triptych for their narthex.  Even though there is no official agreement yet, it gets me thinking.  The project would involve Renaissance painting techniques, woodworking, and Scriptural themes.  Sounds just right.

By the way, I just looked back to see when I started posting to this blog.  It just happens to be 1 year and 3 days since my first post.  Stats as of today:  288 posts, 7834 pageviews since day one, 2090 pageviews last month.  After the US, most pageviews come from Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Canada, UK,  and Russia in that order.  The 3 most popular posts are Mulberry bonsai, On the pier at Duluth, and Portrait demos.  I've played with the format a few times and am currently pleased with "Mosaic".  If you are a regular reader, I would love to hear from you.  I never know who's seeing what and I rarely get feedback.  Thanks for visiting The Process.

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