I'm working on a series of vertical illustrations representing heroes of faith.  This post shows the first attempt at combining elements.  This draft gives an idea of the general flow I envision for these compositions.  They are generally chronological from the bottom up.  A portrait and representative text cap it off at the top.  As you can see in the thumbnail sketch below, there are two scenes missing from this composition: Paul preaching in a "Greek" setting, and Saul/Paul watching approvingly as Stephen is stoned.  
    If you feel the style is disjointed, I agree.  I have some work to do.  The top portrait area represents the look I ultimately want to achieve.  As you can see below, I draw the parts separately, scan and manipulate them with photoshop.  

This is part of the St. Mary Magdalen reconstruction project in Kentwood, MI.  There are 6 panels to be made.  Each panel will be printed on glass and installed into woodwork with back lighting.  

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