Reepicheep revisions

Reepicheep got some more attention.  I worked the drawing in with a photo of grass for a more believable setting.  Take a look at the subtle animation on the first image.  I wanted to give the point of view of someone disoriented on the ground and seeing this little armored mouse.  Different color effects also included.  The color differences were mostly achieved by applying different blending modes to layers and experimenting with the stacking. Reepicheep-motionReepicheep572Reepicheep172Reepicheep272Reepicheep372

Final preparations for the WELS National Worship Conference

Here's an overview of print materials I'm bringing to this year's WELS National Worship Conference.

See the new edition of business cards below.  I'm planning some fun ways to distribute them at the conference.  If you are attending, keep your eyes peeled.  If you come across a cube or a stray pack of cards...finders keepers.  You may see them in stacks at vendors tables...take a few, leave the stack.   COLLECT AND TRADE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!  12 CARDS IN ALL!  (Don't worry I have plenty...)

I spent some time mounting prints for the artists exhibit.  Remember to cast your vote in the people's choice award!

And this too-tall-for-the-studio banner is ready for action.
Purchase the digital file for the banner above as well as other artwork produced exclusively for the Worship Conference at

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