Design Fugitives

Lenticular models from Design Fugitives!

I'm considering the possibility of doing a lenticular image as an anniversary piece for New Life Lutheran, Shoreview, MN.  A lenticular image is really multiple images sliced up and aimed in different directions.  When the viewer's point of view changes, a different image reveals itself.  I would like to present the theme of new life by greeting visitors and members walking in the door with an image of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.  The flip side, seen as one leaves the sanctuary and walks toward the door, would be an image of Jesus.  Combining multiple images suggests a connection between them.  I hope this would become an enduring visual metaphor of our new life in Christ. 
Thanks to Design Fugitives in Milwaukee for the 3D models.  They made a few more, but these get the lenticular idea across.  Check out their awesome products and processes at

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