"Stir" and "Suspending Disbelief"

I've recently applied my blogging habit to some of the activities I work with at school.  I found that the MVL art department camera had studio and drama photos on it as old as 2009.  It got me thinking because I didn't want to just wipe out the card and lose that image archive.  So now, as of last week, I am also posting to a MVL art dept. blog, "Stir",  and an MVL drama dept. blog, "Suspending Disbelief".

Its been exciting to expand the experience in both cases.  I think about the MVL blogs in the same way I think about this blog.  It's an opportunity to share and archive the everyday work that leads up to the big reveal.  Interestingly, the drama blog is beginning to involve a sort of crowd-sourcing as submitted photos start to come in.  I have also posted a list of props we need for the upcoming one-act plays hoping to make the gathering process more effective.

I may have gotten carried away with my "launch" idea for the two MVL blogs.  I generated QR codes for  each of them and designed a mini poster around them.  I had planned on making them into locker magnets to generate some buzz.  After nearly finishing the project with confidence and satisfaction I've learned that internet-capable phones are not as common in the building as I had assumed.  Beyond that, we don't share our wifi password because the current system couldn't handle the extra strain.  Classic "Ready, Fire, Aim" behavior on my part.

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