The folks planning the 2016 Men of His Word Conference asked me to produce a graphic representation of their theme, "Stand Firm".  Learn more about this conference at My first thought was a knight standing in full gear looking cool and ready (some old drawings to that effect are included below).  But as my sketches progressed I realized there needed to be something to stand against.  I brought the look of the protagonist closer to home with office-ish khakis and a tie.  Rather than some fantasy from centuries past, he could be one of us.  He stands against a wave that threatens his position on a narrow bit of ground and he's clutching a big book.  As this conference is called "Men of His Word", it seems appropriate for 1) a Man to be 2) of His Word.  The double meaning of this conference title cleverly alludes both to personal accountability, as in "I give you my word", as well as a Christian man devoted to the Lord.  The wave can represent whatever threatens a man's relationship with God.  One's faith can be tested from political events, personal crises, temptations, finances, or even apathy.  When in personal crisis cling to Christ and wait out the storm.  Stand Firm.

Stand Firm graphic web

Producing a layered photoshop graphic using ink drawings has gradually become a standard "style" for me.  While I'm happy with this illustration, it isn't groundbreaking in my body of work.  HOWEVER, motion graphic production is a whole new world for me.  My daughter and I decided to take the plunge and learn to animate in Adobe After Effects.  It's been a steep climb learning the AfterEffects workspace, but I'm excited to apply new skills in the future.  It's amazing how long it can take to produce 20 seconds...have a look.





IMG_20150710_100915502_HDRHokusai's playful sketchbook page showing the effects of a sudden gust of wind...and his sense of humor.


IMG_20150710_141703957_HDRIMG_20150710_141726579_HDR IMG_20150710_164357249 IMG_20150715_220243714IMG_20150710_163706857

This ain't my first rodeo!  Click this link to view my "Shelter From the Storm" design for the 2015 Men of His Word conference: