This was one of my favorite sculpture projects to-date.  I made this series of reliefs in cast stone for the Watonwan County/St. James Public Library in 2007.  
    American Artstone cast these relief sculptures from my clay and plaster originals.  American Artstone does all custom casting for architectural exteriors and interiors.  This year marks their 100th anniversary.  A bit about the American Artstone story...
  St. John's Lutheran Church in Fairfax, MN was the project that started it all back in 1914.  The company was founded by George Saffert under the name "Fairfax Cement Works" in 1914 in a garage in Fairfax. Saffert, an immigrant from Germany, was approached by a contractor and architect who were seeking white cast stone for the foundation and trim for St. John's Lutheran Church, which they planned to build in Fairfax. The company was able to provide the elements in the church, which became Artstone's first project.  Since 1914, the company flourished through Prohibition, two world wars (in fact, about two dozen German POWs from the nearby prisoner camp worked at American Artstone during WWII), the Civil Rights Movement, and the end of the Cold War. In 1998 the company moved into its current state-of-the-art production facility at 2025 North Broadway in New Ulm.  

    You've probably seen Artstone's work around the Twin Cities area (Science Museum, Como Conservatory, Macalester College, TCF Stadium, University of St. Thomas...).  Check out some of their projects at this link.
I have contributed sculptural work to this and this Artstone project, among others.
(historical notes here are excerpts from New Ulm Journal article June 22, 2014

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