So this took me all day.  In retrospect it doesn't seem like it should.  It's my first time shipping artwork.  Between research, gathering supplies, relatively careful execution, and the occasional Lego Wii game this was a long process.  I just finished up with UPS online and I think I shipped it twice.  Hopefully that can be corrected.  Because of the New Year's holiday, these will sit somewhere on the day(s) off and take longer than usual.

One of my teachers used to tell us to relish the clumsiness of being a beginner.  Beginners experience relatively frequent and exciting surges of progress.  After we've mastered a process it take much more to excite us.  I think I like packing artwork.  Parts of it remind me of origami.

One telescoping external box, bubble-wrap to restrict
 movement, tight-fitting cardboard sheath, and
double craft- paper wrap.
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