Sharing the Fire

I was privileged to see the hugely influential American potter (Minnesota), Warren MacKenzie speak and demonstrate recently.  Warren was working with Venezuelan potter and friend, Guillermo Cuellar.  I was taken by Warren's insistence on keeping his work accessible in both design and pricing.  Being in the presence of such mastery is both humbling and encouraging.  There is so much to learn, yet one realizes these people are not super-human. They have taken risks, worked like mad, made mistakes and listened to their instincts.  Sometimes reading about a person and their work seems so noble and somehow unattainable.  I remember having similar realizations having seen ceramic veterans, Peter Voulkus, Stephen DeStaebler, and Don Reitz.  Talking with and watching figurative bronze artist Paul Granlund in his last productive years has served as real, abiding inspiration.  I want to be that guy in his 80s who just keeps making art.

Listen to an NPR story on Warren MacKenzie.

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