Early sketches for the set of the MVL Spring play, "There's No Time Like the Present".  We really have a super group of young actors in the cast.  This is a play written by Mr. Ron Wels, a fellow teacher at MVL.  He's penned over a dozen scripts and this time-traveling buddy story is another strong contribution.  It's a special experience to have the author involved in the direction of a play.  The actors have opportunities to ask questions about wording and motivation and the script can be adjusted more freely.  It reminds me of watching "Shakespeare in Love" as actors lines were being handed to them by the author every day.  While we don't have such a precarious situation, there is that sort of creative flexibility.  Fun stuff.
So I tell our student in charge of props and costumes that I'd like to get a mustache for Sam.  She looks at me and says, "Oh, okay.  I have one in my shoe."  She takes off her shoe and produces 2 self-adhesive mustaches.  She says, "they might smell".  I'm pleased with what seemed like a miracle and put the shoe-mustache on Sam.  That's showbiz.

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