Saint/Sinner windows

  This post collects 6 designs I produced for St. Mary Magdalen Catholic church in Kentwood, Michigan. These designs were printed on glass and mounted with back lighting.  Each design is a composite of 6 to 10 ink drawings, painted text, a photo texture, and various photoshop manipulations.  This was part of an effort to rebuild the parish after a tragic fire.  The final designs are shown first.  Find a few earlier iterations and comments below.   Links to other projects for this reconstruction can be found at the bottom of this post.


TalbotPanel AugustinePanel DavidPanel Dismas panel Paul panel PeterPanel


hovercams-st-mary-magdalene-01jpg-30f4e0fb0d14d632photo 1 photo



The following are earlier designs with significant differences from the finals.  It was my intention throughout this project to portray these people as accessible, regular individuals.  Therefore I photographed models for many of the drawings and wanted some specificity in their features and expression.  Patrons wanted images "like we are used to seeing of saints".  Also, I was encouraged to portray the moment when the "sinner" became the "saint".  Wow, that threw me.  From a Lutheran perspective the "saint" and "sinner" is a lifelong struggle.  "Simul iustus, et peccatur" (At the same time saint and sinner) is a central belief in my understanding of what it means to follow Jesus.  This difference in intent was creatively paralyzing for me.  What I wanted to do was fundamentally different from what they wanted done.

I greatly prefer the portraits in the Peter and Augustine designs below.  However, I feel the Dismas iteration benefited from revision and I prefer the flow of the newer design shown above.


I also designed CNC carved doors and two more large glass illlustrations for the folks at St. Mary Magdalen. Learn more at and