Here are a few more sketches from our trip out West.  We were in Cheyenne, Wyoming for Cheyenne Frontier Days.  I'm not much of a cowboy.  Its really not my thing, but I have to admit that the Rodeo was fun.  The danger of a stomping horse or bull and the men who dare to ride, rope, wrestle, or otherwise confront has an elemental appeal.  As we sat in aluminum bleachers on a hot, dusty afternoon I thought of Roman Gladiators and Spanish Toreadors.  I get it.  It's man vs. nature vs. other men vs. nature.  You don't know, nor can you control, the animal that you will have to deal with, and failure seemed to be part and parcel of the experience.  It grew out of the skills needed to herd large animals and became an expression of a way of life where men do hard jobs because somebody has to.    

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