Proposal for St. Croix painting

     This is a proposal for a painting at St. Croix Lutheran High School that is intended to be 5' tall by 15' long.  It incorporates 5 themes that are important at St. Croix (from left to right): Quality Education, Community Involvement, A Christian Focus, A Global Student Body, and Graduates Beyond St. Croix. 
     The structure of the piece focuses all other areas on Christ and  related symbolism in the center.  Each of the themes is loosely contained by the arching concentric circles.  The figures are shown in silhouetted poses with outlines that are representative of the themes and with interiors that are overlayed with symbolism.  The 4 peripheral topics have context images above them for further depth of meaning.  The central imagery show the outline of Christ in his act of sacrifice, but filled with and emanating light.  Above is a grape vine, bringing to mind several Biblical references regarding staying connected to the vine, bearing fruits of faith, and the wine of the Lord's Supper.  Behind the image of Christ is a radial pattern of wheat referring to the Bread of Life, the Lord's Supper, and the harvest of souls.  A strip of water runs across the bottom of the composition, completing the symbolism of the sacraments by referring to the Living Water and Baptism.  An open scroll is a the center of the radiating composition to refer to the ancient Word of God that has been preserved and passed down through generations of the Church by God's guiding hand. 
     The product you see above is the result of sketches that have been scanned, or photographed and manipulated in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  Our new Mac made the work manageable.
    This proposal for the St. Croix painting feels like it has the compositional structure, timeless themes, and contemporary look that I've been searching for since last October.  Its taken a long time to get my head around this complex set of problems and I was pretty discouraged for a long time.  I presented it at St. Croix recently and had some really good discussions about its merits and suggestions for changes.  Now I just wait for the green light.
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