These two illustrations are my final contributions to a reconstruction project with St. Mary Magdalen Catholic church in Kentwood, Michigan.  Both images will be printed on glass nearly 7' tall.  Prodigal 1 (with the pigs) will be installed in two 24" wide panes outside the confessional.  Prodigal 2 (homecoming) will take up three 24" wide panes inside the confessional.  There is an obvious progression and meaning in the way these are to be installed.  That longing, lost feeling has a solution and our messed up life has a sympathizer.  

Keep scrolling down for a variety of sketches, stages, and test effects.  Links to other projects for this congregation can be found at the bottom of this post.Prodigal-1-revision-1webProdigal-2-revision1webpanel b layoutFINAL prodigal son measurementsProdigal 1 drawingwebProdigal 2 drawingwebProdigal-1weavewebprodigal-1-patterncolor-test4prodigal-2-patterncolor-test4IMG_20150616_170830952IMG_20150626_121009412IMG_20150616_111905737IMG_20150616_111925498IMG_20150616_111956817IMG_20150616_153626276IMG_20150616_155231696prodigal-1-patterncolor-test3prodigal-2-patterncolor-test3prodigal-2-pattern-test2webprodigal-1-pattern-testwebIMG_20150615_123236402IMG_20150615_111330071_HDRIMG_20150615_100422421IMG_20150614_231527504_HDRIMG_20150605_222825911IMG_20150605_221603430IMG_20150605_164618846IMG_20150605_160100701_HDRIMG_20150605_160041678_HDRIMG_20150107_113942_271 IMG_20150107_113932_871 I also designed CNC carved doors and a series of 6 more printed windows for this congregation.  Learn about them at and