When I was a kid I wanted a handheld, portable TV.  I thought it would be cool to watch TV on a little screen and not have to be in the same place all the time.  It didn't matter that there were only 6 stations and the reception was iffy.  I didn't ever get that little TV.  But my phone is more than I would have dared to imagine as a kid.  Imagine going back in time and describing a smartphone to yourself as a kid.

"Its a phone, but it looks kind of like a cassette tape.  There's a touch screen, like on Star Trek the Next Generation.  Everyone you know fits in speed dial.  We call them contacts in the future.  You can send emails and text messages, check facebook and tweet from your phone and view any website anywhere.  What's an email?  Oh yeah.  Kind of like passing notes, but there's no paper.  Websites?  *sigh*  Well imagine you could fit a library, museum, and video store in your phone...actually all of them and more.  Yep you can watch TV and you don't need to check the TV guide anymore, you just watch when you want, on your phone.  You can scan barcodes.  It takes pictures AND video.  You can play games like on your Atari.  It's an alarm clock.  Stopwatch. Word Processor.  Calculator. Level.  Flashlight.  Calendar.  To Do List. It has maps that talk to you and tell you when to turn.  You can listen to music, and it even guesses what you want to hear.  You can read books on it.  Check the weather.   Pay your bills.  Oh, and you can make phone calls too.  People still do that.  Yeah, you know when you saw that article about video phones in every house?  People do that in the future too, but its all in the cassette tape-sized pocket phone.   So, if you can wait long enough, you won't miss the crappy little black and white portable TV from K-mart."

I've been trying out the Sketchbook app from Autodesk on my phone.  We've come a long way since MS-DOS.

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