Passover Sunrise

It's an honor to once again provide visuals for a lovely Koiné song.  You may have seen my sand animations for "A Son Emmanuel" or various other Koiné songs.  This time I approached the sequence with acrylic paint and a motion capture camera.  When my hands entered the frame, the camera began recording.  This resulted in a large collection of short video clips.  I edited them together in episodes according to the lyrics.  Then each episode was sped up to match the time required for a set of lyrics.  

This song asks us to empathize with Mary as it masterfully weaves old testament practices with Jesus' life, death and resurrection.  Did Mary hear the echos of her childhood Passovers as she watched Jesus' ministry unfold?  This is a song of pain and healing, of debt and hope. As with other original Koiné pieces, you can expect to learn more every time you visit.  

With an art form that moves, transitions become a vehicle of expression.  The images in this video transform in meaningful ways.  These were the most difficult aspects of the animation to design and the most satisfying.  Much of the animation is a continuous flow in which remnants of one image mingle with the beginnings of another.  Likewise the lyrics of the song flow between old and new testament, sometimes allowing for multiple interpretations simultaneously.  Likewise when Jesus says "I am...the bread of life, living water, the vine, the good shepherd" he simultaneously references and manifests related old testament types and prophecies.  This song and video are intended to be more than entertaining or impressive.  They ask, suggest, and teach.  They reward you for another look, and constantly challenge premature judgement.  Watch not to solve the developing images, but to ponder the connections between them.  The visuals are timed and designed to work along with the very intentionally composed lyrics.  I pray this video refreshes your faith and maybe even causes some research.  

Here's the complete video with lyrics from the Koiné Youtube channel.

I know some of you will want to know the stats.  This project was active in my studio from January 19, 2016 to Feb 28, 2016.  It is comprised of 608 video clips ranging from 2 seconds to nearly 1 minute each.  I estimate this all came to 4+ hours of footage compressed into the 3-minute song.