NUCAT Video Series Launches!

I've teamed up with Steve and Mike, the filmmakers at New Ulm Cable Access Television (NUCAT), to produce a new series of videos.  I have a history of making my own "making of" videos.  My youtube channel is a sporadic collection of mixed production quality, poor sound, and learn-as-I-go experimentation. My videos turned out ok, but they were always amateur.  The NUCAT guys bring it to a whole different level.  

It's still called "The Process".  We have a handful of videos in the works.  Video stories are based on the projects already happening in my studio.  Steve and Mike occasionally come by to film some B-role footage and interview me.  I make a few GoPro clips along the way.  The guys edit it all together into a lovely 24-minute show.  In a short amount of my time, I'm afforded a powerful way to explain the processes, concepts, and intents of each project.  This arrangement allows me to focus on studio work while the professionals focus on the video production.  The result is a Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood-style conversation and tour in which I can be hospitable to so many.  

Episodes air first on New Ulm Cable Access Television.  If you live in New Ulm, browse the program schedule here.  I invite you to watch our first episode below (in which I cope with a large print commission by building a press).

Click here to read the New Ulm Journal article about the video series.

The Process is an arts educational program featuring New Ulm artist Jason Jaspersen. Each episode showcases different methods, techniques, and styles of art as Jason walks the viewer through the steps he took to complete a piece of work.

A music series featuring local Minnesota artists and bands. Shot on location at Bookshelves & Coffeecups in New UIm, Minnesota. This installment features New Ulm locals Andrea Lyn with 3-time hall of fame inductee Dick Kimmel.

Check out NUCAT's excellent "Off the Shelves" music series.  It's an impressive collection of acoustic musicians performing at Bookshelves and Coffee Cups.