MVL Agnus Dei Process

  A few process photos from MVL's Agnus Dei installation.  I'll also copy the interpretation from the program:

“Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” -John 1:29

A little lamb is shown from a low vantage point.  The cute little creature refers to Jesus, “the Lamb of God” as well as the old testament sacrifices that prefigured Him for centuries.  The low “camera angle” used in this image and the stable posture gives the young figure a heroic feel.  Thus we see Jesus’ vulnerability and dominance in one image.


The lamb overlays a field of colors.  This field of color is dominated by blood red signifying the grave price of sin.  However, the red gives way to hints of blue, purple and white.  After death, there is resurrection.  After the cross comes glory.  Jesus’ majesty and purity exist simultaneously with his suffering.  He is glorious in His humility.  Jesus is both victim and victor, lowly and glorious, punished for all and judge of all.


Students in the MVL Art Club have prepared the artwork hanging behind the choirs.  It is made with latex paint, plexiglass, and dyed fabric.  It is adapted from artwork originally developed for the 2014 WELS Worship Conference.    Poster and program cover layout by Jason Jaspersen.  “Agnus Dei” images used for mailings, online promotion, programs, posters, and installation artwork copyright Jason Jaspersen 2014


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