Milling Triptych parts

I bought some cherry boards from a local sawmill (Courtland).  As you can see here, I'm making progress toward a finished triptych frame.  I used a set of shaper blades in the table saw to mill the first stage of framing.  Its a slick system that has corresponding blades for the outer joint (see last photo), but the tearout was horrendous on the endgrain.  So I took the time to build a simple jig that would allow me to pass the endgrain over the blade evenly and with support to prevent tearout.  Now its way safer and more accurate...and another jig to store.  Frame assembly will have to wait until the paintings are all completely finished and dry.

 In the mean time I can work on scraping/sanding, gold leafing, and carving the framing parts...stay tuned.

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