MIA afternoon

This is such a great Fauvist portrait.  
My wife suggested we spend some time at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts this past weekend.  It always gives me a boost to spend some time with great art.  Though I'm familiar with the collection, there is always something new to discover.  Its interesting going with my kids.  They have pertinent questions and I slip into teacher-mode.  Pretty fun.  Here are a few images that caught my eye this time...

We spent a long time in this gallery.  My son is looking at the Gauguin.  It reminded him of Mario Bros.  He gets floppy sometimes...the guard didn't seem to mind.  In fact we had a good discussion with him about Rodin.  My daughter spent some time absorbing a Monet haystack.  We discussed the way he limited his palette and achieved shadows with light colors.  

Water by the Swede, Anders Zorn.  His work always seems clean, and cool.  Awesome printmaker as well.  

My son made sure I got a photo of this.  It must have made an impression on the boy.  

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