It's been an honor (and a blast) to create this trophy for the Speechless Film Festival.  This is the trophy for the winner of the "Made in Minnesota" category.  The base is a beautiful cast iron anchor donated to the festival by Dotson Iron Castings in Mankato, MN.  Maybe I don't get out enough, but I've never seen a sculptural anchor.  
I got back to some of my sculptural roots with this piece.  Musing on how to evoke "Minnesota", I thought timberframing may do the trick.  So I worked with this block of ash I had in the studio.  After planing, cutting, chiseling, burning, and drilling I made some additions to hint at stories or relationships.  The bits of hardware bring the whole thing out of a piece of woodworking and turn it into a mystery.  It's been said that, "an illustration answers questions, but a work of art asks questions."  I love the way films can evoke moods and put one in an imagined situation.  This piece presents itself for interpretation offering only clues, tensions, and evidence.    

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