Luther's Seal shirts!

Lutherans get your Luther on! Here's a unique shirt with a strong history. Celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in style.  Maybe there's a Lutheran in your life who would wear this proudly.  Plus there's a 12" diameter decal!  Stickers!  Click an image for a closer look and more options.

Luther's Seal Tshirts
Luther's Seal Tshirts by JJJaspersen

Luther's Seal Hooded Sweatshirt
Luther's Seal Hooded Sweatshirt by JJJaspersen

In the time of heraldic coats of arms and family crests Martin Luther developed a circular seal. It consisted of a gold ring, field of blue, white rose, red heart and black cross. Interpretations of the colors vary, but all speak to the Christian's relationship with the living God. My woodcut print hearkens back to the relief printing technology that was so influential at Luther's time.

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