line and sequence

I admire both of these webcomics.  Both illustrate the power of communicating with consecutive images.  They both are also released on a weekly basis via the artist's blog.  However their content is quite different.  One explores one mundane aspect from the past week in the artist's life.  The other builds a story of adventure long ago and far away.

My love for making images got a big jolt when my mom bought me my first comic book.  It happened to be a bound version of "A Death in the Family".  In it I learned that Batman was on his 2nd Robin, the Joker worked with the Ayatollah, and superheroes can die (Robin via the Joker's crowbar in Iran).  I also learned about the power of line and sequence.  I copied frames.  I dreamed of becoming a comic book artist.   Someday I think I'll get back to that.

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