I've made some big changes in the past few months!  This past Spring I ended 17 years of teaching art classes at Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School.  Teaching at MVL has been one of the great surprises of my life and an enduring blessing.  God has blessed me with new skills during my time at MVL.  I've learned to manage tasks, plan for effective communication of concepts, demonstrate techniques, and direct collaborative projects.  I've learned to lead worship, listen to students, and work with a ministry team. 

God also gave me a series of nudges out of the nest this past year.  As a result, I've started working as a full-time artist at Koine Worship Media and I will also begin teaching sculpture at Bethany Lutheran College in the Fall.  Here are the ingredients of my new daily reality:

  • Commute across the backyard to work.
  • Consult with some of the leading creative professionals in Confessional Lutheranism (Koine band members) every morning at 8:15.
  • Get my head in the Bible and Hymnal to research projects.
  • Sit at the drafting table, easel, or iMac composing original visual content to stimulate the faith of Christian worshipers worldwide.
  • Learn new skills and software to open even more possible creative outcomes.
  • Eat lunch with my wife and kids.
  • Give Tudy the studio cat attention.
  • Work late into the night and on weekends just as I have always done.

The following video eloquently explains the new Koine Worship Media ministry...

Meanwhile, at Bethany Lutheran College, my dear alma mater...

I'll soon be sharing the theories and practicalities of creating sculpture (with an eye toward Christian aesthetic traditions and themes) with college students.  Sculpture was my major 20 years ago and this will be my first opportunity to teach the topic.  My head spins in the midst of so many blessings! 

The following article eloquently addresses this transition period and my thoughts on being a Christian creative...