I'll be performing a live sand animation at the CD release party for Koine's new Christmas album "Emmanuel Lux".  If you live in the Green Bay area, or can get there, get some tickets and join us this Friday or Saturday for a meal and concert.  Visit Koine's website for more information on the kickoff event or to order your copy of "Emmanuel Lux.

cover art for Koine's new album, "Emmanuel Lux" (note: prints will be in black  only with UV varnish overprinting to reveal hidden Hebrew "Emmanuel")
"Simeon" from inner cover of Koine's new album "Emmanuel Lux"

Limited edition 16"x20" prints of the cover art (with UV varnish coat revealing hidden Hebrew script!) and the "Simeon" images will be for sale at the CD release party and for a short time this Christmas season.  New Koine' music and artwork would make some fine Christmas gifts as we celebrate the arrival of Emmanuel-God with us.

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