Koine Album cover

Koine asked me to develop a visual for their album of Martin Luther hymns.  The title, "Cross, Heart, Rose, Sky, Ring" refers to the parts of Martin Luther's Seal.  Benj Lawrenz explained that the band wanted to deal with Luther as a fellow artist.  The album cover alludes to a materiality and an unresolved concept.  It presents the parts of the seal before they had converged in his mind.  Luther may not have always been so sure of himself.  I can relate to ideas part-formed.  While our salvation is sure and finished, the direction of our temporal lives remains mysterious.

There was something meta happening during the making of this piece.  Benj said he wanted to get at the idea of Luther trying hard to get something right.  He wanted a very tactile quality to the artwork.  As I searched for a solution I found myself engaged in exactly that kind of "trying hard to get something right."