Kitty Report

In case you're's an update on our kitten rescue. She's been to the veterinarian for all the required poking and checking.  The studio now has a litter box made from a wide rubber bowl I used to use for plaster mixing.  I'm relieved that she took to it immediately (she's frequently relieved as well...)  Food and water are under the bottom step and kitten toys are strewn about the floor.

Some of our favorite candidates for her name included: "Maizy" (like corn), "Honda" (like our car), "10-4" (date we met), "Lazer Cat" (of SNL fame), "Jenny" (from the book series "Jenny and the Cat Club"), "Inky" (refering to her color and an art supply...not to mention the Pac Man ghost),  "Tom-popo" (the fun-to-say Japanese word for dandelion), and my 4-year old niece's idea..."Pet" (for obvious reasons).  Jenny, my wife, realized with her sister, Rebecca, that 10-4 was not only the day we met kitty, but also their late grandmother's birthday.  Grandma Ruth was nicknamed Tudy as a girl and it stuck through adulthood.  In honor of Grandma Ruth...kitty is named "Tudy" (properly pronounced /tuh-dee/).

After a few days of hiding everywhere we never thought possible, she's now enjoying some snuggle time.  Tudy sports a lovely red collar not unlike Jenny's scarf from Jenny and the Cat Club.

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