"Jesus" photo shoot

Did all your leap day wishes come true?  I had very productive studio experience thanks to a no-school rain, snow, slush day.  I spent about 2 hours in the morning preparing for a "Jesus" photo shoot and another 2 hours in the afternoon taking photos.  Using timbers from an old barn, I put together a rugged cross.  There is still scaffolding in the studio from sheetrocking the ceiling.  The scaffolding helped brace the temporary cross and it elevated my model for an ascension image.   
I took reference photos of my brother Dan about 12 years ago in my old dungeon of a studio.  Its awkward enough asking someone to model for you.  It takes a while for me to work up the gumption to ask for something so potentially creepy.  Now imagine posing them in their underwear hanging by their wrists...that's what a crucifixion photo shoot required.
Today my model was another Daniel.  He is a cousin by marriage and was really a great sport about it all and I am so thankful for his help.  He let his beard grow for a few weeks and had been growing his hair out for a while.  He did say that hanging his full weight from his wrists was excruciatingly painful.  Daniel would completely hang for the few seconds it took to get some shots, then he could pull himself up or stand for a rest.  Later he said it gave him a greater appreciation for the fatigue and pain Jesus experienced on our behalf.  Daniel just happens to be 33 years old.
These reference photos will inform my upcoming triptych project for St. Mark's Lutheran in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I expect that I will use the photos for future projects as well.  I love having good reference material.

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