Jesus and the Children prelims

   I squeezed a little productive studio time out of my 4th of July week.  I brought costumes and scouted locations at my parent's lake place.  Kids, parents, grandparents, and neighbors participated to stage a series of reference photos for me.  I had the kids run to "Jesus" and let the camera shutter run.  In all I took 141 photos.  The next step was to sort through the photos and piece together a pleasing, believable composition.  I'm doing a preliminary drawing (shown in these photos) to work it out and get a feel for it.  When that's done I'll start the monochrome oil on panel underpainting.

This is another composition for the triptych I'm painting for St. Mark's in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I feel so much better after getting the reference photos.  That was a big unknown in this project.  (See related posts at the flyout menu to the right of your screen.  Click on "Labels" then "St. Mark's Project".  If the "Labels" menu doesn't appear, try refreshing the page.)

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