This is a very slowly developing artwork based on my grandmother, Iku Poetter.  I posted an article on her exhibit recently.  The ingredients of this piece include a kraft paper map of Japan put out by WELS decades ago, airline luggage tag stickers from Tokyo and Minneapolis (mostly NWA), gold leaf, and strips of rice paper.  The glimmering outline of Japan is being crowded and obscured by the travel tags and rice paper.  She speaks longingly about her childhood in the coastal town of Niigata.  I want to get at the way memory fades and we still hold on.  Our memories are so personal and fragile.  They accumulate with time, move around with us and, for the most part, are buried with us.

This piece has been growing for at least 2 years.  Its not that it takes a long time to assemble.  Cautious decisions about materials and treatments and searching for my message have taken longer than usual.  Sometimes I can't even describe what I want a piece to say.  It's no reason to stop, but it causes plenty of pause for consideration.

Welcome to those of you that came here via the WELSTech CLAPR interview.  I hope the process photos and thoughts I post here prove to be of value to you.

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