How I prepare for the Koine concert at the UofM

I'm preparing for a full slate of live sand animation with Koine this Thursday.  At 14 songs, this is the most live sand animation I've ever prepared.  Here's a look at how I'm getting ready... I got a script for the show from Benj Lawrenz.  This document is a blend of lyrics, narration, and ideas about visuals.  It communicates the mood and pacing of the show.   I made an Itunes playlist of the exact set list and printed out the lyrics.  After talking with Benj, I worked up 1st rough sketches and then ink washes in these accordion sketchbooks.  The accordion books allow me to view many images at once and more easily consider progressions.

IMG_20150308_205637_346 IMG_20150308_205654_414 IMG_20150308_205837_315 IMG_20150308_230851_128 IMG_20150308_231001_846

After the ink washes are done I get to work rehearsing the sand sequences.

Thanks to Aaron Spike for his last minute tech support!