"Hermann's Footprint" project

This summer the City of New Ulm will have a new attraction!  Watch here to see Hermann's Footprint develop.  The New Ulm Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with Haberman Modern Storytellers again to let the world know all about the fun that happens here.  They had a sweet campaign last year and the plans sound great again!  Stay tuned!

A little preliminary leveling.

Total coverage.

The thumb-busting stage.  I heat my oil-based clay in a microwave to soften it a bit.  My hands still get a workout from this rough application stage.

must attach chicken wire...

I made this maquette made for a lunchtime discussion of the project.  I used my 11-year old daughter's sandal as a template for the shape of the footprint.  The hobnails are historically accurate as far as I can tell.  The Haberman Modern Storytellers behind this campaign have something far more interesting in mind than mere accuracy.  Stay tuned for more fun!

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