The use of gold in art has a long history.  It has been used to cover sculpture and architecture, add drama and brilliance to paintings, and symbolically set something or someone apart.
In this case I use it to highlight Christ in the context of the St. Croix Lutheran School experience.  In addition to the reflective quality of gold, I plan to paint other elements in the composition as if Christ is the light source.  A subtle, but important message.

"gold dust" + linseed oil
= gold paint

    When we moved into our house there were various cans of varnish, paint, glue, etc. left in the basement.  Over the years I have put these materials to use in various art projects.  The can of "gold leaf" dust you see in one of the photos was one of these treasures left behind.  We used this gold dust in an MVL art project about 8 years ago and it looked beautiful.  Its actually made of bronze and would tarnish if left exposed.  By thoroughly mixing it in linseed oil the particles are encased and protected from oxidation.  When the painting has dried for about a year I will also apply a coat of varnish.  This will protect the whole painting as well as prevent tarnish on the gold section.

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