Gabion and friends

  We recently took a landscaping plunge.  Smith landscaping brought their heavy equipment and reshaped our front hill with Gabion Baskets.  Gabion baskets are a system of wire baskets filled with rocks offering excellent stability and drainage and a fresh aesthetic.  While gabions seem to be catching on in residential applications, they have become standard for industrial uses and have a rich history dating back to the middle ages.  With a little research we learned that its an Italian idea from the middle ages in which artillery crews would set up wicker baskets and fill them with sand, dirt, or stones for makeshift battlements.  The lightweight baskets were easy to transport and local available materials used to fill.  Evidently this system is still used on battlefronts.  Here's a link to a pinterest page of cool residential applications of the gabion basket system.


I've included a few other shots of yard projects.  The espalier-shaped apple tree is doing well.  Rhubarb and mint flank the studio door.  And I'm trying to save a boulevard tree that snapped off in a windstorm.  Could be cool if it survives.IMG_20141011_090417_386-EFFECTS IMG_20141011_090447_824 IMG_20141011_090551_014 IMG_20141011_090604_267 IMG_20141011_090749_737