Here it is.  As the artist it always surprises me how little I know about the final product until it gets done.  Looking back so much seems obvious, but its tricky to figure out as its happening.  Many decisions couldn't be predicted.  Some decisions arise from the materials on hand (cardboard, baling twine, sign letters, spray paint and various screens).  Sometimes marks or arrangements suggest another step.  The white strings that work with the heart and the hand were not part of the original plan, but the potential for meaning became evident as work progressed.  
The materials themselves are part of the message.  This is a project for the band "Koine".  They remind you of the power of old Lutheran hymns by applying a sincere rock instrumentation.  The name Koine refers to the common Greek language in which the New Testament was written.  They apply the "common" idea by making hymns accessible with familiar, popular, common instrumentation.  I'm a big fan.  They're talented, brave, Christian artists and this workshop, "Hearts and Hands of David," is intended to encourage creative approaches to worship.  Bravo.  Hear them and learn more at this link. The workshop is on April 20-21 at Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee, WI.

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