Eph. 2 Notebook screenshot

The image shown here is a screen shot of my springpad notebook on a Koine animation project.  You should be able to click on it for a larger image.  This is what I really wanted to share on the earlier blog post, but this view won't show up when I embed it.  I like this board view because I can gather a bunch of information and drag it around into visual arrangements that help me think.  

What you see here is a linear arrangement of my initial sketches, photos, and different scriptwriting systems.  I plan to use the scriptwriting ideas as a guide in creating a compelling story for our marionette hero.  The lyrics (partially visible in the lower left) provide important clues about the kinds of problems our hero will encounter and how the crisis will be resolved.  It's interesting how well Law and Gospel can fit into the standard storyline with a few tweaks.  Hint: This puppet character will not be saved by being true to his dreams or believing in himself.  At this early stage I see this video ending up as a stop motion animation made with the crisp clean look of colorful cut paper.  

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