Emmi and Tod color code

When my children (Maida and Teddy) were younger (3 to 6-ish)  I told an ongoing, episodic bedtime story.  It was based on two frogs, husband and wife, named Emmi and Tod who live in a stump by the Minnesota River just outside of New Ulm.  Night after night there would be new twists of heroism, discovery, and mystery but the tradition slowly faded.  
Now that Maida and Teddy are older we're taking another run at it in comic book form.  I loved comics as a kid and I still admire the medium as a visual storytelling format.  The scan in this post is a color code from a year ago.  I served as a test run for our division of labor.  I pencil, Teddy inks and Maida adds color.  All systems go.  We currently have 4 more pages in the works so stay tuned for the further adventures of Emmi and Tod!
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