It was an honor to be invited to participate in the Tenebrae and Easter morning services with Koine at St. Marcus Lutheran in Milwaukee.  I prepared a few sand animation sequences, packed the sand table and brought a bunch of family along with.

Collapsed sand animation table in the trunk...

Some of the Koine t-shirts I designed hanging next to Stephanie Barenz' brilliant painting in St. Marcus.

Setting up the sand table Good Friday morning.  Lots of technical issues to figure out.  We tried three cameras, two mounts, and a few methods of communicating with the projector.  Of course there are easy ways to do these things, but they aren't all sufficiently graceful.  So much goes into eliminating distractions.
I practiced sand as Brian and the band give me a live run through of "Mary Did You Know?"

This is the full Tenebrae service from Friday at 5:00 pm.  The events of Good Friday are relayed here in unyielding truth, rare grace, and confrontational power.  It was humbling to participate in this ministry with dedicated servants, such as Pastor Mark Jeske and the members of Koine, who have been vigilant in seeking ways to connect people with the Gospel.  The service will break you down and build you up in ways you need.  It's structure and artistry unfold and entwine Law and Gospel, Sin and Grace, Death and Life like any good Lutheran sermon.  I'm grateful that God has blessed us with such a ministry.

If you want to skip to my 4:00-4:50 you can see a crucifixion sequence in which my illustrations are set into motion by Koine guitarist Benj Lawrenz.  28:20-32:05 will get you to the sand animation of "Mary Did You Know?"  At 1:14:18 you can see some of my sumie ink paintings begin melting in and out of view in the environmental projections as "O Darkest Woe" is played.

The 7:30 Tenebrae Service goes almost the same as the 5:00.  The video editing is a bit different.  Also, it's significant to note that pianist, Seth Bauer, was absent from this service because his wife went into labor in the earlier service.  However he was back in action Sunday morning after the birth of their healthy baby girl.  Not being a musician, I was amazed at the way the band adapted with only minutes to spare.  Matt Scott, the bassist, assured me that they've been playing music together long enough that they could kind of sense what each other was going to do.  There was no choice but to make it work.

You do get a glimpse of one of my pre-service sand drawings in the first few minutes.  At about 8:10 the motion graphic crucifixion sequence.  I feel that the sand animation for "Mary Did You Know" (at 32:35-36:20) was stronger in this service.  Pastor Jeske had some nice compliments for me about the 7:30 version.  The soaking ink wash drawings begin appearing around 1:18:20, though the camera is not quite wide enough to see them clearly.

7 am Easter Sunday  service!  A fantastic hymn by Martin Luther, "Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bands".   The imagery here deals with the spiritual battle of Easter.  Freedom isn't free...The sand begins at 1:53.

This song, "Wake Up Sleeper" is a Koine original.  It came at the end of the service and speaks to a sanctified life as it slowly picks up momentum and brightens like a sunny morning.  I began with a sunrise image and moved through the representations of the Means of Grace (Word and Sacraments) to remind us of the ways God comes to us.   Sand at 2:20.

God's timing conveniently had my brother's family move to Milwaukee mere weeks before.  He is the new Director of Marketing for Kingdom Workers.  We spared them the hassle of hosting us with so little time to prepare.  Still, their house looked all unpacked and settled in such a short time!  Very fun to spend some time with family in a different setting.

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