There's a great show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts called "Marks of Genius".  It's a rare look at highlights from the museum's drawing collection.  As I walked looked at the drawings I was struck by a feeling of camaraderie.  Now, I'm not trying to claim greatness, rather realizing that the "greats" did their work with simple tools.  Looking from one drawing to another I had a sort of deja-vu feeling of having drawn with a similar urgency, or care, or delicacy at different times in my life. I suppose it's like a musician hearing a great guitar riff, trumpet trill, or drum fill and knowing how it's done.  It doesn't mean there is an equal technical proficiency, just that there is a shared experience.  Drawings provide such an intimate look at an artist's thinking and movement.  It was silent conversation across time.


The last room of the exhibit there was a participatory experience.  Viewers are invited to become makers with paper and pencil.  Drawing boards and tables are set up with all sorts of still life materials and classical plaster casts.  I drew this Lucca Della Robbia sculpture and left it hanging on the magnet board.  Doesn't hurt to exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts...IMG_20140808_163947_841 IMG_20140808_163954_962IMG_20140808_163918_216