I'm excited to be included in the upcoming Directory of Illustration vol.32.  I get a full page in this annual directory to design as I wish.  The printed book comes out January 2016, but the deadline for layouts is early May 2015.  I also have nearly 100 images (and a few videos) listed on the Directory of Illustration website. Thanks to the helpful staff at Serbin Communications, I've worked through several page layouts.  I get so used to seeing my own work, so I found it valuable to hear feedback from industry professionals.  In this particular case I'm trying to maximize my impact with art directors.  The directory will be in design offices worldwide.  I want to represent myself as a professional illustrator in a niche market, Christian publications.  However, I would be glad to do work outside that market as well.  So these 3 drafts of my page layout show my attempts at finding the right balance for "crossover" appeal, a clear voice, and maximum impact among the steep competition.  Less is more, but only with the right ingredients.





You can browse top-notch illustrators' work on their website http://www.directoryofillustration.com/

Volume 31 of the Directory of Illustration is now out in print.  Flip digital pages at this link: http://directoryofillustration.com/BrowseTheBook.html